President Desk

Education is the passport to the future for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for today.

“Nelson Mandela” said that education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

The children of today are the future of tomorrow and in order to tackle the environmental , social and economic issues that our society face we need educated and skilled leaders who will be capable of doing new things instead of rejecting what has already been done.

The great James Bond , “Pierce Brosnan “ said at a convocation that greatness does not come from destruction but from the courage to create and to seize the opportunity to build a new future.

Shri Satyendra Prakash Goyal


Secretary Desk

Dear Parents
A school is actually a home away from home for any student. During student life most of the waking hours of every student are spent at school, learning anything and everything in various dimensions from books, teachers, peers and even school environment. It is well known that every parent want to spend their money for safe and secure learning for the betterment of their wards. So, they urge for the place where their wards can be advanced in every aspect of life. .

Some of the key components which should feature in an ideal checklist while assessing any school infrastructure.

Besides basic amenities, we are also planning to provide following facilities for all round development of students.

  • NCC
  • Auditorium equipped with the latest multimedia technology
  • Smart classrooms with interactive LED/LCD Pannels.
  • E- diary : Connecting Parents & School.Such as online portal which is available 24 hrs-a-day , keep parents up to date with their children’s concerns
  • Bio-Metric Attendance
  • A school prospectus is not the complete answer of your all questions but it should provide you and your child an insight into our values and beliefs. There is no better way of choosing the right school for your child than by visiting.

    Shri Kamlesh Kumar Mittal