President Desk

Our vision ''Arise and Shine-Empowering through knowledge and etiquettes" is to develop a school which provides integral education with facilities and opportunities to student to develop strong and healthy bodies, clear and broad minded perspective, resolute will power and ever widening horizons of knowledge and wisdom .

Our mission to prepare who have courage and heroism to demand from themselves fireless labour and inner discipline directed toward self-control and self-mastery.

Shri Satyendra Prakash Goyal


Secretary Desk

'Mind of a child is like a blank page and a mentor we need to embark it with the pen of hard work and the ink of knowledge and etiquettes and create a sketch which we ever lasting in the child's life."

We aspire our child would not only shine in our own nation but also the world outside.

With immense pleasure and pride I welcome all the parents and students to be a part of the basubaral family.

Shri Kamlesh Kumar Mittal