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The word "Basubaral" makes us to recall the history of our city Bareilly. There was a king named Raja Jagat Singh in Fifteenth century. He had two sons named BasuDev & Baral Dev. They founded a city and named it Bass Bareilly. Our school management decided to pay tribute to the founders of Bareilly & to make our students aware of the history of our city. Hence, they establish a school and named it behind the names of Basudev & Baral Dev. In this way, the school got its name-"Basubaral Saraswati Vihar".

It was established in the year 2003 by eminent socialist, who are devoted to impart value based spiritual education supported with all modern trends & scientific approach.

We touched milestones by getting affiliation to C.B.S.E, Delhi in 2007 and in a very short span of time we got +2 upgradations in 2009. School has started 11th class in the month of July, 2009 with streams of science, Commerce & art .it is said that little drops of water and little grains of sand make a mighty ocean and the pleasant land. It is our full determination to lead Basubaral on the way to Zenith with the grace of Almighty. Our school will spread enlightment among the ushering generations for the ages to come.

Through this column, I would like to convey my message to all the students, parents & readers.

Human life is not complete if it is merely being born, eating, growing, sleeping and dying. Today we see the rat race in the pursuit of money and fame. The cultural erosion is the byproduct of a spiritual aridity that we see around us and it is sending dangerous signals to the future generation. In the entire educational system, intellect and institution, Science and spiritually, living and learning have to be promoted in a balanced manner. Otherwise no miracle can save the world from the catastrophe which is looming large on the horizon. Violence is rocking the entire world. Terrorism is threatening to the peace and progress of nations. Bomb-blasts and human bombs are posing serious challenge to the world community. The world is at a turning point and it is time to re-evaluate our existing practices and explored innovative ways to solve our problems.

Our education system should be based on rich Indian culture & values of heart & head. Imparting spiritual education is not everybody's cup of tea. First and foremost, the teacher should take it neither as a job nor even as a mission, but as a way of life. But spiritual revival does not mean the total rejection of scientific, technological advances and other new contrivances that have come to us in the stream of time. We have to lift ourselves out of this narrow groove. True spirituality rejects no new light, no added means or materials for human self-development. Education is not the removal of illiteracy but the removal of ignorance. Education should provide the courage to reject the irrelevant way and accept and follow good. It should instill in the strength of character, brotherhood and love for fellow men. It should enable man to discard all the cast, communal and racial distinctions.

We are stepping into the age of informatics, society with the revolutionary changes taking place, having a profound influence on the forms of human activities. We are in a nation with tremendous diversity in religion, belief, culture, language and social values. Relevance of our education system has to be ensured in the context of our environment and global changes taking place in technology, socio-economic, cultural values and urbanization of society. We have to fight against poverty, illiteracy and socio - economic inequalities. We need peace, harmony and co-operation. Now the time is to carry out a review of our present and ancient education systems. We must derive benefits from the experiences of both and adopt a more holistic approach for the betterment of the individual and the nation. Only then we can regain the glory of the golden age of our past.

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Mr. Surender Singh

(B.A., M.A., B.Ed)
(Team Leader)