Principal Desk

Welcome to Basubaral Saraswati Vihar Sr. Sec School Bareilly.

The word “Basubaral” makes us to recall the history of our city Bareilly. There was a king named Raja Jagat Singh in Fifteeth century. He had two sons named BasuDev & Baral Dev. They founded a city and named it Bass Bareilly. Our school management decided to pay tribute to the founders of Bareilly & to make our students aware of the history of our city. Hence , they establish a school and named it behind the names of Basudev & Baral Dev. In this way, the school got its name- “Basubaral Saraswati Vihar”.

It was established in the year 2003 by eminent socialist, who are devoted to impart values based spiritual education supported with all modern trends & scientific approach.

The purpose of our school is to educate the students to take their priviledge place as leaders in global community by offering our students a comprehensive education. Our focus is on key aspects, the first one is to pay individual attention to all the students.

We promise that no child will be left behind for any reason. Through our first point of focus we aim to accomplish the second one which is making our students successful in life. We provide many apportunities to the students to thrive in a challenging academic environment emphasizing learning, as well as social and personal growth.

As the principal of BSV, I am pretty much delighted that the school’s values align with my own personal values, including the importance of mutual respect, trust, innovation and a sense of social belonging. The future will build on the firm foundation focusing on the quality of school life especially for the benefit of our students.

Our ever supportive management leaves no stone unturned to ensure that a great environment exists by providing world class infra structure and appointing high quality teachers.

Mr. Munnoo Singh

(M.Sc, L.T)